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Photography by Christopher Barrett / Hedrich Blessing courtesy of Gensler. Use of these images is for the exclusive purpose of demonstrating the design capabilities of Rob Robbins as the principal design architect for the project while at Gensler-Phoenix.

Bank of America


This project is a 75,000 SF call center on the second floor of a square building with very few windows and over 700 employees. The design focused on access to light, ease of navigation, and branding. Employee gathering spaces were placed adjacent to the entries where the natural light was the greatest. The center of the building, furthest from the light, was visually and physically connected to the windows at the entries through wide corridors ensuring that exterior views penetrated to the innermost part of the building. The four sides were color coded and featured numbered row markers to make finding people easy. Branding rings in the ceiling reinforced the bank’s image throughout the space.


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