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Beaumont House


This project is a private residence perched on a cliff near Lake Travis just outside of Austin. The design is presently in the construction documents phase. Deceptively small, this seemingly grandiose house is only 3,133 SF. The flat and easily buildable portion of the site was only 22-feet wide locking in the location of the linear portion of the house. The program called for a 38’ RV garage that was open on one side to allow the RV to serve as a guest house. The RV garage had to be aligned with an intersection in the street to allow for the three-point turn required for parking. The openness of the design provides visual continuity from den to dining, to living, to pool, and beyond to the view. The restrained design vocabulary was a conscious choice resulting in both simplicity and a lack of ostentatiousness, a rarity for residences of this type.


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