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Photography by David Rangel.


Sukeban - Sushi and Champagne Bar - Blue Star Arts Complex


Sukeban is the latest culinary venture from the couple that brought San Antonio Mon's Thai Bistro. Located in the historic Blue Star Arts Complex, this 1630 SF sushi and champagne bar is the opposite of the Zen Minimalism that dominates sushi restaurant design and instead brings an edgy "Tokyo Street" feel somewhere at the intersection of Kill Bill and Lost in Translation. Dark, muted colors are pulled in from the surrounding context and coupled with Japanese burned pine and champagne-colored, shiny, woven plastic fabric. The walls are covered in murals by San Antonio artist Holden William Dunlop illustrating the story of Sukeban's victory over Sushi Samurai with her killer yo-yo, lending a sexy anime vibe to the space.


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