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Photography by Christopher Barrett / Hedrich Blessing courtesy of Gensler. Use of these images is for the exclusive purpose of demonstrating the design capabilities of Rob Robbins as the principal design architect for the project while at Gensler-Phoenix.

EMCOR / CB Richard Ellis


This project converted 15,000 SF of raw warehouse space into a temporary headquarters for a joint venture between EMCOR and CB Richard Ellis. Due to the temporary nature of the project, the budget was a mere $33/SF but the ambitions of the division’s CEO were hardly modest. He asked for “West-coast, hip, cool, modern, young, and sexy.” Literally, those were his exact words. The design philosophy became “design with what you can’t get rid of” thereby creating a celebration of what is normally hidden away. The division’s function was to service building systems, and as such, the exposure of ducts, conduit, power poles, and network cabling correlated well to the mission of the employees in the space.


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