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Photography by Casey Dunn. Use of these images is for the exclusive purpose of demonstrating the design capabilities of Rob Robbins as the architect of record for the project while at JM Waller.

JM Waller San Antonio


This project was about changing the culture of a firm through design. JM Waller’s Chairman challenged the design team to break out of the “space-as-status” hierarchical thinking and envision a more progressive approach that reflected the way they actual did business. Opulence was not an option considering the construction budget was only $50/SF. A sophisticated look was achieved with mostly standard materials (gypsum board, paint, carpet, ceiling tile, and plastic laminate). Expensive materials such as pendant lighting and frameless glass were used prominently, but sparingly. The project was achieved on budget. The more efficient space plan allowed the client to give back space causing their overall rent to go down 26%.


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